Previous Appearances Previous Appearances Jeff Galloway Disney Marathon of my running trainers 201962898 William Zabka Best known for Johnny in the original Karate Kid. 201962900 Tempe Imrpov Two of the headliners at the comedy club. 134318813 News Channel 12 Commercial for Susan G. Komen 134318814 Twilight Premiere Do I need to say more? 134319398 John Ford Race Car Driver 134319399 Mark Curtis and Lin Sue Cooney 134319400 Billy Ray Cyrus My Achy Breaky Heart! 134319543 The Bachaelor Andy Baldwin from the show the Bachaelor at a 10k race 134319557 201962901 Mr. and Mrs. Edvis At the De-Crowning of Ms. Worldwide 2009 134318812 Mall of America 134319831 Disneyland Perfect fit...Princesses everywhere 134319542 Mark Rude - Author and Artist 201962899 Pink Firetruck 134319927 Stuck for a Buck 134727093